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LCD and Dotmatrix Style Watch face for Google Wear which displays the latest weather information at your location and daily step count.

The Watch face is fully customiseable to suite your style. Complete menu system on the watch to apply your customisations

  • Time mode (12 hour or 24)
  • Date Mode
  • Time Colour
  • Date Colour
  • Battery Colour
  • Weather Colour
  • Steps Colour
  • Steps Icon Colour
  • Temperature Mode
  • LCD Shadow
  • Background Colour

Supports all Google Wear devices with Android Wear 5.0 and above.

For Weather information to be dislayed, the watch face needs to determine your location. For this to work, you must accept the location permission request when the watch is first run. Location must also be enabled on your phone. As there is no companion app on the phone, there is no method to enter a manual location.

Includes language localisations for French, Spanish and German as well as English.

Weather information provided by OpenWeatherMap.

Available on Google Play.